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Main - Pumpkin Seed Oil. Substance

Pumpkin Seed Oil. Substance

The Intelpharm Group of Companies produces preparation «Pumpkin Seed Oil, substance» (Monograph 42-8110-06).

Pumpkin Seed Oil, substance is produced by freezing and filtering oil, obtained by cold pressing of the seeds of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo).

he preparation is manufactured on a specially built and equipped facility. The production possesses a regimented technological process of producing «Pumpkin Seed Oil, substance». The assessment results of the clean production site facilities confirmed its complete compliance with the requirements of GOST P ISO 14644-1 «Clean facilities and related controlled media. Part 1. Air cleanness classification», GOST P ISO 14644-4 «Clean facilities and related controlled media. Part 4. Engineering, construction and commissioning».

The quality control of the preparation was performed by the quality control department of ZAO Intelpharm which includes analytical and microbiological laboratories. Activity of the microbiological laboratory is based on the License for handling 3-4 pathogenicity group microorganizms.

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