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Mouthwash Dentix is a perfect therapeutic and preventive aid for teeth and gums
It effectively prevents and treats stomatitis, parodontosis, gingivitis, candidiasis of the mouth cavity and makes your breath fresh
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DENTIX® is a hygienic preventive and therapeutic mouthwash. It contains such active ingredients as amber acid, potassium alum, potassium alum, sodium tetraborate, versene, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

DENTIX® improves the mouth cavity condition and the acid-base balance due to its unique immunity correcting properties.

The mouthwash has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and deodorant effects. DENTIX® improves microcirculation of blood in tissues surrounding teeth, enables micro traumas healing, reduces edema, inflammation and discomfort in parodontium and mouth mucous coating.

DENTIX® comes in four flavors: enjoy the original taste of "classic", "lemon" and "orange" will appeal both to adults and children, and "mint" will refresh your breath.

Method of administration of mouthwash DENTIX®:

Pour 20-25 ml into the dosing cap and rinse your mouth in the morning and evening.

  • DENTIX® is an ideal therapeutic and preventive mouthwash for teeth and gums. It effectively prevents and treats: gingivitis, stomatitis, parodontosis, candidiasis and traumas of the mouth mucous coating, bleeding of gums.

  • Due to its unique formula DENTIX® increases topical immunity and restores the normal flora of the mouth.

  • The mouthwash DENTIX® possesses a stable transparency, pleasant appearance and smell.

  • The mouthwash DENTIX® stimulates the lysozyme and immunoglobulin activity.

  • Dentists note the efficacy of the mouthwash DENTIX® series and recommend it for daily use.

  • The mouthwash DENTIX® enjoys popularity among a wide range of hygiene products users.

"So, we must note the introduction of the new XXI century mouthwash DENTIX® in the hygiene products market. Now both adults and children of Russia can enjoy a new hygiene aid which has a good therapeutic and preventive effect and deserves our special attention."

L.M. Lukinykh, MD, Professor,
Head of the Chair of General Dentistry of Nizhny Novgorod
State Medical Academy of Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation


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