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Health is
an absolute
We protect people's health,
the health of our society
and our civilization.

We create and protect
absolute values.
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(10-06-2011 in 12:02)
Dear, Наталья!

C уважением, company "Intelfarms"

(10-06-2011 in 11:57)
Dear, Марина!

C уважением, company "Intelfarms"

Elina (10-01-2008 in 12:47)
Hello. I have a question: can tonsillitis be transmitted orally? Are there any other transmitted infections of the throat and the tonsils?
Dear, Элина!

Best regards, company "Intelfarms"

Ekaterina (28-01-2008 in 15:17)
Does candidiasis spread onto eyes and nasal cavity? What can I do about it?
Dear, екатерина!

Best regards, company "Intelfarms"

Mia (04-03-2008 in 10:59)
Hello. I want to ask a question: is prostate a transmitted disease? Can one get infected through a public toilet or personal belongings?
Dear, Mia!

Best regards, company "Intelfarms"

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